While science fiction paints the picture of intelligent robotics seizing power from all humans, it rarely depicts a much more likely scenario—robotics in service of the super-rich. Robotics consistently have taken over menial labor, but soon they will likely take over the jobs of the educated and managers as well.

That means that no one except the owners of those robots will be able to make ends meet. That will leave the majority of the population with a few options such as: expanding social benefits to everyone, thievery, or mass death.

I believe that expanding social benefits would be the most benign. Do we really want to let most of the human population die due to loss of income? You—the reader—will likely be one of those people.

Democrats in our government have been suggesting that a possible solution would be to increase the number of people qualified to program computers, but I think that would not work. Computer programs are easy to copy, so ludicrously fewer jobs in programming will be available than the Democrats are predicting.

Owning your own robotics seems like a good choice till you realize why most people choose to get jobs rather than owning their own businesses. They cannot compete with larger businesses. The larger businesses are nearly always at a huge advantage. They can produce cheaper, and they use vast amounts of advertising.

One other option that might work is starting a commune that takes advantage of modern computation. You wouldn’t have to wait for the government to act. And it comes with the added benefit of not having to compete with larger businesses. One of the major problems with communes is that many members can be lazy, but with robotics in your service, that matters less. If you want this option, start a group, and save money for the use of the very machines that are intended to replace you. And don’t forget the dynamos.