I’ve been needing a nighttime planner for some time now. I couldn’t find one, so I created one on createspace on amazon. The site works for all types of books–not just planners. You can also publish Fiction and Non Fiction on createspace.com for absolutely free.

If you have always wanted a nighttime planner, but couldn’t find one, feel free to hit up this link: Nighttime Planner

The nighttime planner was not an entirely new concept since daytime planners have existed for a long time, but the planner is new in that I have never heard of one for the nighttime. The idea came to me when I considered how much I had wanted to find one when I went to the store, but couldn’t. I don’t like the idea that all business is done during daylight hours; it’s just not true.

If you know or are a night person, feel free to buy a copy. It will greatly enhance your time spent when you stay up and can’t sleep, or if you are working nights regularly. Nighttime Planner