So we are all labelled consumers. It’s not a nice-sounding word. It sounds rather like a virus gobbling up the Earth’s resources. But assuming that we use renewable energy such as wind and solar, it’s not bad at all. The problem is that several billionaires have invested their money in coal and oil, and they don’t want to become poor even if it means the death of all humanity. As bad as that sounds, there is another problem with letting billionaires run our governments. One day soon, they may no longer need the American people as consumers. That means that all of the “luxuries” that you now own may be beyond your means. You don’t really need those televisions, cars, tools, heaters, nice homes, sound systems, etc. We live in a global economy, and the billionaires don’t really need to have consumers in this country due to globalization. In fact, if they can manage to make robots that take all of our jobs, then they don’t really need us at all. All they need to make products is a market, which they can get overseas, and some engineers, which does not even scratch the surface of the number of people that are in this country that need jobs. You might think that you could just go onto unemployment if you did not have a job, but as long as you have the same billionaires actually paying government officials to pass laws for them in state and federal governments, you won’t likely run into much in the way of unemployment benefits. You might think that no one would be so heartless as to let hundreds of millions of people fall into crippling poverty, but you would be wrong. There have been multiple times when large swaths of the public were dehumanized. Think back to when we had African American slaves. Think back to the Holocaust in Europe. You are in no way guaranteed that those in power will care about you at all.