gold-coins-kickstarterI know. It sounds ridiculous, but it would make you more productive; and it might even make you rich.

Here’s how it works: You should convince everyone in your own neighborhood to work for each other for 25¢ per hour, since you don’t want to be the only one working for such a low wage.

They will resist the notion, because they believe that their own hard work, and especially their own smart work, should return more pay. Prices in most places are ridiculously inflated. So minimum wage barely allows you to survive. But if all of your neighbors pitched in, the rewards would be huge. For example, if someone in your neighborhood could fix computers, and if you only paid 25¢ per hour to get yours fixed, then you could save hundreds. You would only need to pay full price for parts.

It would make a huge difference in professional coaching or in teaching transferable skills (example: teaching thinking skills or how to use computers). It could be like going to college except without the huge fees.

It would also be possible to seek advice from think tanks. Think tanks are usually only affordable for the superrich, but they could be extremely cheap, allowing for common use.