Robots may soon take over a majority of human labor. How should we respond?

We will compete for jobs against robots using our present business model. Robots are consistently taking over menial labor. Robots are already taking over most factory jobs. They will probably start to take over the service jobs next.

In business now, a large majority of workers do menial labor almost to the exclusion of thinking. There are far more menial tasks to be completed than there are cognitive tasks, but I’m not sure exactly why.

Since most people work at jobs that will soon be taken by robots, the human workers need to find another way contribute to society. These contributions will require thinking and wise decisions. Only a thinking, purposeful human will be suited for the future of robotics.

We need to start training people for independent thought rather than schooling them into being good employees. From a young age we send our children to school where they learn how to be drones with a magnificent memory power which is only sufficient for reacting to assignments and the obvious. They need to be innovative, and they need to figure out how to manage robots and computers. They need to become entrepreneurs.

We need to convert our schools into organizations which will prepare our children for the new reality. The schools shall nurture creativity. They shall teach children to question and to figure out what to do and think rather than following the curriculum. They shall teach them to manage businesses rather than working for them.

Also humans will need to be prepared to take over jobs from robots in case they malfunction or try to overcome us. This requires thinking and skill. Thinking helps to figure out what you should do, and skill allows you to do it without robots. Most humans can do something new a few times and master the task; they don’t need to do it several times in most cases, since ideally robots will be doing it for them.