In this blog I take down the American Inc. article called:

“The 9 Biggest #LibLies Obama Told Last Night”

January 29, 2014



American Inc. said: “1. Obama claims that “corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better. But… [u]pward mobility has stalled.” This has been refuted most recently by Harvard Economics Professor Raj Chetty who recently released a paper showing that upward mobility in America hasn’t changed since the 1970’s.  This means that in the past 40+ years the chances of moving out of poverty in America have remained unchanged.”

But I say: You may have noticed that the they glossed over the part where Obama says that only the rich have got much of a wage increase.

American Inc. said: “2. The President continued beating his ‘war on women’ drum last night, using his often cited statistic about women making only $.77 for every dollar a man makes in America.  The problem is this statistic is completely bogus.  It isn’t just conservatives who are saying this, even the staunch liberals at Slate say the President’s figures simply don’t add up.  After all, it’s just arithmetic.”


But I say: Numbers are used to lie so much that it is hard to tell who is lying. But even if we have equal pay for women there are several inequalities that we can work on.

American Inc. said: “3. While the President made a big show out of the minimum wage he failed to tell the American people that the minimum wage actually only affects less than 1% of the work force.  That’s right, less than 1% of the American workforce earns the federal minimum wage, the rest work at a level above the minimum.  While Obama might want to force this issue for political gain, he is lying when he says that this is a huge problem for the American public.”

But I say: I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the people in this country receive a wage that barely allows them to feed their families. If they are getting more than minimum wage, then it is not much more. The federal minimum wage is below the poverty line, so even if their number is small, it is a serious issue. It’s millions of people struggling to survive.

American Inc. said: 4. Obama claimed “more than 9 million Americans have signed up” for coverage under ObamaCare during his speech last night, a number that has been widely challenged in the aftermath of the speech. Observers have pointed out that almost 5 million Americans have lost coverage because of the mandates in ObamaCare. Others have questioned the number of Medicaid beneficiaries who are newly eligible due to the program’s expansion under the law. Obama’s 9 million figure includes a claim that 3.9 million learned they are eligible for Medicaid, but he admits some of those counted are actually renewals.

But I say: The Republicans just don’t want to pay for the poor to get health care. They listen to their rich contributors more than to the American people.

American Inc. said: “5. President Obama claimed to have added 8 million jobs to the U.S. economy last night to loud applause.  The problem is, that claim only rings true if you ignore all of the jobs the economy has lost under Obama’s watch.  The true number is well less than half of his claim.  The President will continue to ignore this truth, however, because it goes to show that the economic recovery under his tenure has been the slowest since World War Two.”

But I say: The Obama administration started when the economy was falling, so W. is responsible for those jobs lost.

American Inc. said: “6. While Obama took credit for the rising domestic energy production he is lying by omission when he fails to tell the American people this energy boom has occurred in spite of his policies, not because of them.  Much of the increase in domestic energy production has happened on private land, and despite the growing number of regulations that the Obama administration has heaped on the industry.”

But I say: Obama wanted clean energy, so yeah, the polluters don’t have his support. This planet needs to be a preserved habitat.

American Inc. said: “7.  The Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare to most, is on its face a lie.  While the President painted a rosy picture of his namesake last night, he glossed over the fact that it is not affordable after all.  While monthly bills for health insurance have gone down for some (and risen for others), that is only one side of the equation.  What Obama isn’t telling the public is that deductibles are going up under ObamaCare, sometimes doubling or even tripling.”

But I say: The insurance companies found a loophole, so Obama should close it. That doesn’t mean that ObamaCare is a bad law. I bet that the Republicans in the House of Representatives will stop him from closing this loophole.

American Inc. said: “8. While carbon emissions are not at the top of ForAmerica’s policy priorities, holding President Obama accountable for his claims is what we are all about. Last night, the President claimed the U.S. “reduced our total carbon pollution more than any other nation on Earth.” The facts show many nations reduced their emissions by a greater percentage than the U.S. has in recent years.”

But I say: Perhaps Obama meant that we had lowered the carbon emissions in the past year or several months.
American Inc. said: “9. On Iran, President Obama told the American people a flat out lie last night.  The President said that Iran is now eliminating its stockpile of highly enriched uranium.  While evidence exists that the Iranians, under the recent international agreement, have begun oxidizing their highly enriched uranium, a process that makes the uranium unusable. Obama failed to say this process is completely reversible, and thus, Iran has not eliminated their stockpiles at all.”

But I say: If I remember correctly, Obama said that he was trying peaceful negotiations with Iran—not that he had already solved the nuclear problem with Iran. He further said that he was not afraid to go to war with Iran if they did not stop.