The people voted for Democrats, but got Republicans due to gerrymandering. So yeah, the government is being partially run by several officials who most of the people didn’t want. And much of the population who voted for Republicans were swayed by commercials paid for by the elite. So money ruined our republic.

The North is communist and the South is democratic. Many of the lights that you see are paid for by the government, and most Republicans want to reduce government spending beyond what is prudent. They are assuming that social spending will leave us like a communist country, but that is not true unless the spending is so excessive that no one gets paid any more money to work harder and smarter.

I would like it, but I am concerned about how there are several people who do work hard and smart and still can’t feed their family.

I guess that it never occurred to Franklin that there were less poor people in countries that didn’t have aid due to them starving to death. He probably also wasn’t thinking about rampant unemployment due to outsourcing.

The Republicans said, “LIKE if you refuse to “shut up” just because liberals tell you to in 2014!”

And I said, “It’s your employer, right?”

I’d think that Republicans would be happy about the elite taking vacations while they are left to do the heavy lifting for paltry wages, because that’s how they vote.

Good thing Barack Obama is NOT a socialist. If he were, then all of the guns would be gone, there would be no more rich people in the country, and this picture would be barred from the internet. There is a big difference between government spending and full-blown socialism. If you want to be rich, then you still can be. If you want to do a job that you love rather than what you are good at, you have that right.

I agree with this. It sounds more libertarian than conservative.

The problem with capitalism is that companies don’t usually take good care of their own workers, since it is not in the interest of their own bottom line and low prices.

What we actually need is a third option. To expand the safety net of unemployment to those who are actually employed; that way, working will not be a bad financial decision. And people who do work hard and smart will actually have enough money to take care of their own families.

Seriously, if you want to stop illegal immigration, then you need to solve the root problem—poverty in Mexico.