I know of two books that are required reading for any genius. One is Mastery by Robert Greene. The other is Seeing What Others Don’t: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights by Gary Klein.

Mastery is a book about how to gain the experience and skills that are needed to be a genius. It dispels the myth that talent is innate, and it shows a series of steps to become talented. With Mastery you should be able to become whatever type of genius you want most to be. The book is also highly entertaining. Robert Greene teaches how to be highly talented using fascinating stories about real people who have become geniuses in their own field.

For those of you without much money, Robert Greene also has a free kindle e-book that is a supplement to Mastery. It is called: Interviews With the Masters.



Seeing What Others Don’t is useful immediately to anyone for gaining insights. Some insights can be reached without great experience and skill. As a bonus, Gary Klein walks the reader through the thinking method that he had used for learning about insights. You can extrapolate his thinking method to learn the principles from a group of stories.


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Happy reading. I hope that you all become geniuses.