One of my favorite music groups is Metallica. They have put out several albums that have each sold millions of copies. My favorite songs by Metallica are:

Devil’s Dance; Until It Sleeps; Enter Sandman; Sad But True; Holier Than Thou; Wherever I May Roam; Through the Never; The God That Failed; My Friend of Misery; The Struggle Within; Battery; Master of Puppets; The Thing That Should Not Be; Welcome Home; Disposable Heroes; Leper Messiah; Orion; Damage, Inc.; Ride The Lightning; For Whom The Bell Tolls; Fade to Black; Escape; Creeping Death; The Call of Ktulu; Blackened; …And Justice for All; Eye of the Beholder; The Frayed Ends of Sanity; To Live Is to Die; Dyers Eve; Hit the Lights; The Four Horsemen; Jump In the Fire; Seek & Destroy; The Day That Never Comes; All Nightmare Long; The Unforgiven III; Carpe Diem Baby; Cure.

You can put any of the above songs into the search bar at Most of them don’t have music videos, but I’m mostly sure that they at least have the audio track.

I haven’t heard anything off of their newest album—Beyond Magnetic. I’ll buy that as soon as I get some money.

Their movie—Through the Never—was really awesome. You should definitely buy the Blu-ray.