The Bad of Christianity

My Story

            When I was in the 12th grade, I was doing better than I had been for my entire life.  I was ready to take on school.  I was getting good grades.  I was hoping for hard work in all of my classes.

Then I decided that I was going to be serious about Christianity.  I read through the four gospels of the New Testiment in one day.  It was then that I stalled out, and I could not climb higher anymore.  I realized that if I followed the commandments of Jesus habitually that I would be blind, impotent, and walked on.  I got deeply depressed, and I noticed that I could no longer focus on my schoolwork.

There was a call to preach the gospel, but I didn’t want anything to do with that.  I kept saying, “No,” in my head, but the thought kept coming to mind.  It was like being terrorized.  I kept refusing Jesus’ crazy demands, but he kept insisting on his own way.  I was very angry and fearful for my wellbeing.

After a while of ruminating on Jesus’ words, I didn’t care anymore.  I didn’t care about the quality of my life.  I only cared enough not to die.  Since I didn’t care about the quality of my life, I stopped trying to get ahead in life.  So I was unwilling to work hard at getting ahead.  So I was useless to the world.

My state of mind got so bad that I started knocking things down that I had built up.  I knocked down my sister whose confidence I had brought about.  I knocked down the highest snow tower that I had built in a race.  I think that the things that I knocked down were like voodoo dolls.  I’m not usually so destructive, but being exposed to Jesus’ words brought out the worst in me.

After high school, I went into the military.  For a while I was able to keep up with the work, because the people in charge were motivating me.  But soon I was in charge of my own motivation, and I started not to work again. Because the words of Jesus had destroyed my ability to focus.

I didn’t want to love other people without them loving me.  I didn’t want to avoid prudent planning. I needed hope and desire for this life—not the next.

What’s wrong with Christianity

When there is hope for the next life but not this life, we lose our motivation to do good for ourselves.  The only reason for making up a next life is to steal attention from this life.  For example, take the cast system in India.  The Brahmans use religion to keep an entire people in service to them.  They use the myth that their servants will become a lower lifeform in their next life if they do not do well in their station in this life.

Trusting in God should be a last resort.  If you have no other way to take care of yourself, then by all means, trust in the god of your choosing.  But if you can take care of yourself in this life, then do so.

Faith without works is dead; just as the body without the brain is dead.  That means that you should take prudent action to reach your dreams in addition to faith that you will be successful.

Even if you believe that God exists, you still don’t have to be a slave to God or to men/women.  They may expect you to comply, but you need to peaceably resist.  Do what you want.  Follow your own plans.  Just say, “No.”

You may be inclined to believe that everything in the Bible is 100% true or that every commandment is a good idea.  I can’t really prove that there are no miracles, so those might be true.  It is possible that many of the miracles were added to the Bible to make God seem powerful etc. even if some miracles inside and outside of the Bible are factual.  The Bible is likely historically accurate with a lot of spin in favor of the God of the Bible and his holy ones.

A major problem is assuming that the commandments in the Bible or of a pastor are all good ideas.  Even with the Bible I would suggest thinking before believing or following.  Believing and following undermine your ability to think for yourself and make your own decisions.  The problem with using reason is not that people do it too much but that they don’t do it enough.  It seems to be that reason is the problem, because the reasoning is sometimes done incorrectly or with bias.

Another problem with the Bible is where it makes concern seem unimportant.  Contrary to the words of Jesus, it is very important to be successful in the world.  You need to clear a path of success for your children.  You need to plan ahead years into the future and to make great progress in the present.  You may feel pressure from others involved in christianity to live a certain life, but you can overcome that pressure, and I would suggest that you do.  You don’t have to perform for anyone else, but I suggest that you perform your own will diligently and consistently.  Great works add up to a great life.  I don’t mean that you should not have self-esteem if you are not doing great works, but I do mean that great works are important for those who can do them.  And most people can if they will only work hard and consistently toward lofty goals.  Why perform badly when you can act and think excellently?

What about other gods and religions?  They, also, can heal and make your life wonderful.  However, most christians label other religions as satanic.  Perhaps insistence that it is the only good religion is the only way to get converts.  As in most other situations, I recommend exploring alternative options and points of view.

The bodily urges and reactions of humans are there for the sake of survival.  Survival should be respected.   For example, you should not feel ashamed for lusting after someone; it’s only natural.  If you were created by God, then He made you with all of your urges.  It seems silly to assert that a perfect god created you with urges you are not supposed to fulfill.

Be successful in the world.  You may want to be careful of whom you hurt on your way to success, but success is definitely a good thing.  You cannot feed your family on hope and faith.  Neither will hope and faith send your children to college so that they can be successful.  Neither will hope and faith allow you to buy your own assets.  You need to have confidence in your own ability and in good things sometimes happening, but most opportunities come from planning and wise action.  They usually don’t come from faith.

There needs to be concern for your wellbeing.  Jesus is a source of deep depression and folly if you actually care about how your life turns out.  If you must read about him, then don’t take him seriously.  Don’t try to follow anything that he says without thinking about the consequences; use your reason before you act.  There have been people who became eunuchs after reading the words of Jesus.  There have been people who have clawed out their own eyes and tried to cut off their own hands and feet due to the commands of Jesus.  Don’t turn the other cheek; but if someone tries to hit you, then hit them first.  If someone tries to tell you what to do against your will, then just say, “No.”  If they insist, point a loaded gun at their head.  Or use mace.  There is no need to serve others if you are meant to rule, or at least to rule your own life. If you can think independently then you will not need outside direction most of the time. You probably should not be tyrannical, but you don’t have to serve anyone or even be disrespected in a free country.  Having wisdom and doing good things for yourself and for your family is much more important than believing that Jesus was right about everything.

Education and wisdom are put down in the words of Jesus, but they actually help society immensely.  You should do your best to get wisdom and learning.  They are a winning combination.  You should use your intellect before calling on any god.  You have the ability to reason, and you should definitely use it to make choices.  If you make bad decisions, then you need to keep reasoning till you make good decisions.  If God exists, then He will agree that you should use reasoning, because He gave you the ability.  You don’t have to fear anyone, not even God.

Pride is the root of a great person.  Humility is unacceptable.  You should have good self-esteem in order to do well in life.  A lack of pride in your ability will cause you to have decreased ability.  You need to win, not to help other people to win.  You don’t have to forgive anyone.  I wouldn’t suggest holding something trivial against anyone.  If a person repents, then it may be advantageous to forgive them, but definitely don’t let people get away with actually harming you.  Try your best to prepare for your future.  Be motivated, and believe in your own ability.  Think your own thoughts.  Create your own plans.  Be intelligent.  Improve your wisdom.

You shouldn’t have to follow any god like a lemming.  Sometimes people make a good point, but you should be angry at someone wants to manipulate you into doing something stupid.  If a god made you with the ability to reason, then he wants you to use that ability.  To show the silliness of this suggestion, let’s say that someone told you not to use your eyes, saying that using your eyes is satanic.  Would you believe them?  Would you walk around blindfolded?  You would probably be less rebellious against someone who tried to lead you if only you were blindfolded.  Your answer should be “No.”  You should want to see for yourself, and you should want to think for yourself.

Just because people cannot prove that God does not exist, doesn’t make every suggestion in the Bible a good idea; and it definitely doesn’t mean that a god created everything or that God is omnipotent.   In fact many suggestions in the Bible are very bad ideas.  Some things that the Bible suggests which are very bad ideas are:  castration, selling all that you have and giving the proceeds to the poor, fighting off people who have a different religion than you, genocide, putting down wisdom and schooling, meekness, humility, and total obedience to parents (especially if you are able to think for yourself better than they can think for you or if your parents are telling you to do something foolish).

Parents don’t necessarily give the best advice.  They may have a lot of experiences, but they didn’t necessarily learn much from them.  They also may not have had the same experience which you are dealing with.  Each situation is different, and each person is different.  The only reason that the government treats all people the same is because doing otherwise would be impractical.  They can’t take the time to know every person, and they have to get things accomplished for the good of as many people as they can.

Christians are sometimes dogmatic.  If you suggest something even slightly against their dogma, then some of the christians will insist that you are incorrect but that they are correct.  Though you do not have to be a christian in order to have a closed mind, still most christians do this very often.   There is a possibility for anyone to be incorrect, so it is good to keep an open mind till you know with certainty that all other explanations are false.

The closed-mindedness of christianity is most notable when they refer to other religions.  It’s not that they merely don’t like other religions as much as christianity; they don’t even want the other religions to exist.  Many christians believe that other religions are all satanic or that they involve interacting with demons.  There are some christians who are tolerant of other religions, so it seems necessary to ask each person whether they are tolerant. According to christians, the spirit that they use is the Holy Spirit, and denigrating that spirit shall be punished by Hell fire. But they do not show the same respect to the spirits of other religions.

The Bible barely even starts before putting women down as inferior to men.  There is no goddess which is worshiped, only one God.  In Catholicism they pray to Mary the mother of Jesus, but they do not allow priestesses to preach in their churches.  Women are people deserving respect too, and they are not easily deceived.  They deserve to have as much self-esteem and respect as men have.  Maybe they should even be treated better than men in order to counteract the prejudice.

Some people claim that women are inferior.  This point of view can be supported by some parts of the Bible.  Paul insisted that there should be no female pastors, and he said that women are easily deceived.  The story of Adam and Eve insists that women should be subservient to their husbands.  There are some scriptures that seem to say that women should be treated well.  Jesus saved a women accused of adultery from being stoned, but he did it for a reason other than feminism.  Paul instructed men to love their own wives as Christ loved the church.  However, Christ’s love for the church was very authoritarian.  So it was likely no surprise that there were many witch trials in medieval times.  They almost completely destroyed the religion that treated women as equals with men.

I would suggest that people ignore the parts of the Bible that put down women.  Instead men should treat them with the love and respect.  It could be like sociological reparation.

Many people say that God loves you, but there is a major problem with God’s love.  God loves everyone else as well.  So God doesn’t love you in the same way that a parent loves their own children.  Parents love their own children better than they love anyone else.  Christianity also promotes the golden rule―Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  However you should do more for your own good and for the good of your family than for the good of everyone else.  The good of everyone is important, but your offspring should come first if you have to choose.  Also we have socialist laws that provide aid for those in need without having to rely on just a few people to help everyone.

There is the possibility that God is not as bad as I say.  In that case, I would encourage other people not to make him appear to be bad.  From this day on, tell everyone that asks you about God, that he wants them to live their dreams.   Tell them that god wants them to be strong and masters of their own destinies and maybe even the destinies of others, and forget about the glorification of slaves.

Don’t just say it.  Go a step further, and mean it.  You might think that God is good like your Sunday morning songs insist.  But you should also prove that God is good.  If God doesn’t exist and was invented, then he should be a god who promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  If God does exist and does not promote these things, then we need to find another god.

If I wrote the Bible, then it would go something like this: There is no sin.  Heaven and Hell are conditions on Earth, and you can and should improve your own lives and the lives of others on the earth.  Be fruitful and multiply.  Live in the land of milk and honey.  If you can make tons of money, then do it.  Live your dreams.  Be your own master, because God is not present just to tell you what to do.  Don’t let anyone bully you or mistreat you.  You don’t have to convert other people to follow Jesus, and I would not suggest that you follow him either.  You can do anything that you wish, if you want it enough.  If there is anything good in life, then God wants you to have it.  Use your brain to its full function.  Win Nobel prizes.  Don’t censor the thoughts or music of others.  Don’t push other people to join in your religious activities.  Thou shalt back up thine important computer files.  Don’t censor what your children do or what they watch on TV. 

The good of Christianity

Faith is important.  You need to have faith in yourself and in most people.  It is usually best to have faith and diligence.  Faith works psychologically.  When you have total faith that you can do something, it actually helps you to do it.

Diligence is working hard and smart to achieve your goals.  If you want to do good for other people and make money, which it seems sensible to do, then you will need to work diligently.  Work isn’t necessarily manual labor.  It helps, in most situations, to think.

You don’t have to have faith in God, but it is a good option for spiritual power.  While the specific thoughts that come naturally to the common are not necessarily good thoughts, the common people do deserve respect.  Education is better than ignorance, but the well educated person is not more worthy of respect than the uneducated person.  They are both human and deserve to be treated humanely.   Another good thing about christianity is the protestant reformation.  It got away from forced asexuality and vows of poverty.  Some churches promote and cause physical healing through miracles.  It doesn’t make them right about everything that they say, but it is a good thing.  Another good thing about christianity is the strength in numbers concept.  They may not be unified around a good cause, but they are at least unified.

There have been several improvements to christianity since the Protestant Reformation.  Modern christianity allows people to become rich; there is no vow of poverty in the protestant churches.  Education is not only accepted, but there are christian schools which often provide a better education than public schools.

One part of the Bible contains the writings of Solomon.  The wisdom of Solomon was not perfect; but you get a general idea of how an ideal society works and how to become rich and powerful. Many ideas of Solomon have been replaced by other ideas that actually make more sense, so definitely think through the issues on your own.  A good thing to take away is to think of the consequences of your actions.  You are responsible for your own fate.