Going fast causes mistakes sometimes, but slowness is usually worse. If you take your time and make a mistake, then you have little time to resolve the issue. If you speed through and  are early, then you can go back and do a few dummy checks. A dummy check is a check for stupid mistakes. For example, if you multiply three-digit numbers and come up with a three-digit number, then you know that the answer is incorrect.

Also it may seem that going fast causes more mistakes, but that is not entirely true. When you start out going fast, you will make mistakes since you are not accustomed to the speed. However, when the speed becomes comfortable, the mistakes will become much less.

Perhaps slowness of thought seems advantageous. It’s not; it’s actually impossible to think through all of the possibilities when you think at a slow speed. Fast thinking allows faster response times and faster learning. It also allows you to question whatever you are learning.

Sleep is a notable exception. No one feels rested when their sleep is truncated. Power naps help tremendously, but they do not add up to the positive effect of a full night’s rest. Doing most things quickly allows for more sleep by leaving open more time.

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