I think that there are ways to detect homosexuality, but none of them are foolproof. And I don’t understand why gender roles are so important, except men cannot give birth.

Question Everything

I am tired of seeing the men of society getting this outrageous gay label for being feminine. I am tired of seeing females labeled as lesbians for being masculine. Men your body creates estrogen along with testosterone. Ladies your body creates testosterone along with estrogen. This means everyone has both a male and a female aspect to them. 

So why do we jump so quickly to throw on a gay or a lesbian label onto someone? By making fun of someones male or female traits we are setting them up for relationship failure. I wonder how many men hide their beautiful female aspects to avoid being labeled? I wonder how many females hide back their male aspects? By limiting a person to gender roles we are limiting that person’s true being and soul. In a sense that one joke could be robbing that person of who he or she really…

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