This is the only website that allows you to contact other members without having to pay. It has a matching system where you answer questions that insure compatibility. It has a rather limited mailbox, but you can delete some of the messages if you run out of space.

Ted talks are fascinating, and they are videoed and put up on their website. You can download the videos that you like. The talks are about new discoveries and knowledge.

This site gives you a random site to read in a category of your interests. You get a stumble button at the top of the page, so you can go through pages till you find one that attracts you.

Are you an entrepreneur who needs to find a partner or investor? If so, the Business Partners website is a good place to start.

That is the site in which I am writing. I haven’t been blogging for very long, but this is a great site to use. It allows you to use video, pictures, and links. I would use links to youtube rather than actually posting video on Word Press, because too much video will fill up your drive space.

This site is great for watching videos or posting videos. My favorite part of the site is the music videos. If you know the name of the song or the artist, then it is usually easy to find the video.

Skydrive is an excellent site for any writer. It is also a great office tool. It has online applications and files that work seamlessly with Microsoft Office. When you open a file you get the option of using Office on your computer or using the free version that is part of the website. There is also free software that archives the files from your skydrive onto your computer. I put all of my documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, and pictures onto my skydrive, so that I can access it on any computer with a web browser. You can even access it on puppy linux—a compact operating system that runs incredibly fast even on old computers.

Softpedia is a site that offers freeware, shareware, and some pay software. You can usually find any program that you may need for the low price of free. You just have to make sure that you only use freeware or shareware, so that there is no charge.

Facebook is a great site for keeping up with family and friends who do not live nearby. You can also follow posts from your favorite music bands or famous people. And you can keep all of your precious photographs on the site.

That is the site that I used to publish a paperback book called Proverbs of the 21st Century.

Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing are absolutely free as long as you aren’t doing anything too fabulous. So whenever you get your book finished go to Create Space and get it published with minimal hassle.

I like to build my own computers, and New Egg offers quality parts at low prices. You can also get upgrades for the computer that you already have.

Maximum PC was originally just a magazine, but they put high quality information onto their website as well. They take a lot of the guesswork out of building ultra-fast PC’s, and they tell you how to do interesting tasks on your computer. They also recommend programs that do amazing things, and the programs are usually free.

Want to attend classes from ivy league universities in the comfort of your home? Edx is a great place to learn, and they even award certificates of completion that you can use to further your career.

Before you assume that one microprocessor is better than another, check them out. That’s how I discovered that one of the best processors for the price was an FX-6300. The site also offers comparisons of video cards, hard drives, and RAM. Even if you are not building the computer from scratch, it is still critical to know the power of the parts.

—Michael Sebren