Paint with a stylus or your finger. I prefer my finger, since the stylus that I have doesn’t work well with my touchscreen. You can use the mouse for painting, but I prefer the touchscreen.

Use watercolors, acrylics (i.e. my favorite), pencil, or crayon.

Mix colors that haven’t dried yet. This function is rather hard to predict. It looks less like it was mixed and more like the color that you touched first. But it looks awesome when you blend randomly.

Pick from several brush sizes and shapes. I usually use the round brushes, because I like to make curvy lines and because the oddly shaped brushes only orient in one direction. However, I do like to use the wide brush for painting the whole background.

I wish I had a much bigger touch screen. I went to the mall after I discovered Fresh Paint. The Microsoft store had a huge touchscreen monitor hooked up to an Xbox One, and I painted a gorgeous abstract picture.

It’s easier to use than traditional painting. Mixing colors with physical paint is a hassle. And I don’t like waiting for it to dry. The Fresh Paint app lets you dry all of the paint in a second. Or you can dry parts of it, or you can leave it open for blending.

It’s habit forming. I felt compelled to keep painting. My pictures are rather beautiful for how easily they were made. But don’t take my word for it. . . .

ImageBefore blending.

ImageAfter blending. ImageImageImage


Only the parts that haven’t dried are allowed to blend/drag.



Before ↑.                                                                 After ↓.



Before blending. ↑                                After blending. ↓