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I am male, and I think that feminism is excellent.

Women, as a group, have had a sordid past. Most of the victims of the Medieval witch trials were female. They normally tortured and killed women to acquire their property and wealth.

And there is the conception that God is male (as can be seen on the Sistine Chapel). There are no goddesses to be found in the Judeo-christian tradition. Lack of role models can be devastating. The feminine is at least as deserving of worship as the masculine is. Paul went as far as to say that women are more easily deceived than men are, as evidenced by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Elisabeth the First was expected to marry so that Britain could have a king rather than a queen to rule. And she had to resort to cunning to overpower those who meant to take her throne.

It was  not long ago that women were not allowed to vote and they were disallowed from practicing science.

So it is not unusual to find women who are meek. They have had the boldness beat out of them over millennia, so our culture accepts it as normal.

The women’s liberation movement was a good start toward ending misogyny. It was preceded by the suffragettes. Women gained the right to vote, and a few decades later they could work outside of the house, shattering many glass ceilings in the workplace.

Women were sexually liberated just as men were during the 1960’s. They were allowed to sleep with whoever whenever.

They also got the mixed blessing of abortion choice. While it is good for a woman to be given the choice of what to do with her body, killing her own offspring is not a good survival tactic. It would be better to have the choice of career, and to have men actually listen to them in the workplace (and at home for that matter).

Even after the women’s lib movement, many women are sexually objectified. They are often sexually harassed in the workplace. There is a thin line between wanted and unwanted attention, and it is the man’s responsibility to figure out which. I know that it is subjective, but that is only because her state of mind is important—to be respected.

It is a feminist ideal that pornography should be banned. My opinion is that pornography should be diversified. Why do men have to be served pornography that is an elitist version of the female body? Why can’t they be satisfied with average women’s bodies?

And when a woman is ready to have sex, she should feel special and loved. And she should get multiple orgasms. There are ways.

Women’s liberation doesn’t go far enough. While great strides have been made toward allowing women financial and workplace clout, many women are still not treated very well in the home. Whether a woman wants to be a housewife, a project manager, a CEO, or whatever, she should receive the same amount of respect from her husband or boyfriend. And a woman should not have to work and take care of her own children without any help. If a woman becomes a housewife, then the money doesn’t all belong to the man.

And why should J.K. Rowling have had to leave out her first name? It’s because many people assume that women can’t write as well as men. That needs to change, and J.K. Rowling’s work is a good demonstration.

Reparation is deserved and necessary. Everyone should be respectful of women. That entails actually listening to her at least as much as talking. She should be asked what she is thinking, or she should just say it.

Men should use only respectful communication. Don’t use the C-word or the B-word. Remind her of how much she is worth. Say, “Thank you.” Don’t yell. Use only constructive criticism if any.

Every time that a woman feels abused or neglected, she has the right and responsibility to be angry. And she shouldn’t have to hide it. The meekness is not a natural female trait. It is conditioning—a bad habit.

A woman should have equal influence in the home. It is not good for the man to take all of the authority. She should have influence over her children and over major decisions.

Men should be especially understanding toward women when they are menstruating.

At work if women are just as competent as men, then they should be likewise compensated and promoted. Women deserve to have their opinions heard in the workplace as in the home. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that there are a lot of female managers but not to many executives; that needs to change.

An exception to listening to women is that you probably shouldn’t follow christianity. It makes me sad to know that many women feel inferior due to having been raised in that tradition. They should be allowed to follow only a male god if they choose, but there is the threat of hell. It’s like being terrorized.

Also you should not listen to women who are misogynists. For example, if there were a female candidate for the presidency who was also a Republican/conservative, then you should not vote for her. That would entail promoting one woman to the detriment of many others. If you must vote fiscally conservative, then vote for the Libertarian candidate.

Men are not women’s slaves. They are free to go after what they want in life unless that entails holding women down.

Men are in charge of their own lives, and they don’t need a woman to tell them what to do. That’s not equal influence like I prescribed. That is going too far in the other direction.

Men should not be dependent on women. They should be proactive—good decision makers. The story of Eve making Adam sin is stupid, because the man is responsible for his own actions.