The Ramifications of Robotics in a Capitalistic Economy

While science fiction paints the picture of intelligent robotics seizing power from all humans, it rarely depicts a much more likely scenario—robotics in service of the super-rich. Robotics consistently have taken over menial labor, but soon they will likely take over the jobs of the educated and managers as well.

That means that no one except the owners of those robots will be able to make ends meet. That will leave the majority of the population with a few options such as: expanding social benefits to everyone, thievery, or mass death.

I believe that expanding social benefits would be the most benign. Do we really want to let most of the human population die due to loss of income? You—the reader—will likely be one of those people.

Democrats in our government have been suggesting that a possible solution would be to increase the number of people qualified to program computers, but I think that would not work. Computer programs are easy to copy, so ludicrously fewer jobs in programming will be available than the Democrats are predicting.

Owning your own robotics seems like a good choice till you realize why most people choose to get jobs rather than owning their own businesses. They cannot compete with larger businesses. The larger businesses are nearly always at a huge advantage. They can produce cheaper, and they use vast amounts of advertising.

One other option that might work is starting a commune that takes advantage of modern computation. You wouldn’t have to wait for the government to act. And it comes with the added benefit of not having to compete with larger businesses. One of the major problems with communes is that many members can be lazy, but with robotics in your service, that matters less. If you want this option, start a group, and save money for the use of the very machines that are intended to replace you. And don’t forget the dynamos.


An end to assholes.

When I was 12 years old, I learned that abuse and slavery were wrong. I learned that women should have rights, and I learned that my fucking father was wrong about treating my sisters and me the way he did.

I was staying at my mom’s friend’s house when I noticed that many peculiar things were accepted to be normal by them. Their father paced around like mad, and wouldn’t sit down in the living room. He was always very busy.

My father was extremely abusive to me and my three lovely sisters. He would spank us really hard—often leaving welts and bruises on our butts and legs. But this father was different; you could tell that he really loved his wife and kids. That’s when I realized that my life was fucked up.

My incredibly fucked up dad seemed normal to people outside of the family, because he would act like a saint everywhere except for at home. But this family was teaching me by example, not to put up with his shit anymore.

Abuse and slavery are common in this society, because business people and politicians lie in the wrong direction. They should be pretending to be mean—not nice. This country is run by psychopaths; most of them are horrible people.

The fantasy to kill one’s boss is common among employees. That’s because their bosses are assholes. Contrary to popular belief, people would be more productive under no leadership at all. The human race has an asshole pandemic. People who should probably not even be allowed their next breath are running the joint.

Well I for one have had enough. We need a real, actual war to get rid of these fuckers before they pass on their genes. We need a second holocaust for assholes. Don’t worry. You won’t miss ‘em!


Nighttime Planner

I’ve been needing a nighttime planner for some time now. I couldn’t find one, so I created one on createspace on amazon. The site works for all types of books–not just planners. You can also publish Fiction and Non Fiction on for absolutely free.

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The nighttime planner was not an entirely new concept since daytime planners have existed for a long time, but the planner is new in that I have never heard of one for the nighttime. The idea came to me when I considered how much I had wanted to find one when I went to the store, but couldn’t. I don’t like the idea that all business is done during daylight hours; it’s just not true.

If you know or are a night person, feel free to buy a copy. It will greatly enhance your time spent when you stay up and can’t sleep, or if you are working nights regularly. Nighttime Planner

Mental Gold

Mental Gold–an anonymous primer in great thinking.

The soon-to-be timeless classic primer in great thinking–now available on>>>

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You may think that you think well enough already. You would be incorrect in that thought. Nothing in this world has greater ability to change your fate than thinking accurately. Buy this book and be wise forever.

Latin language

The Latin Language helps you to learn English derivatives.

Latin is the language of the ancient Roman, and its influence on English is profound. Most bi-syllable words are derived from Latin.

Wheelock’s Latin is the classic text book for learning Latin, and it is highly recommended that you do that book before embarking on a full writing career.

Goddess’ Eyes

The Goddess Eyes

Lachair Dickerson and Michael Sebren wrote a book called the Goddess Eyes:

We wanted to make a book for warrior feminists. Everything worked out great, and we pumped out the book in less than a month and a little coffee on my end.

Welcome to the world of female revolution! No guts–no glory in this rampage of nearly unimaginable proportions. You don’t know whether you want it to end or keep going, but enjoy the Goddamn Ride Bitches.



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